“Resist the BAIT” returns!

Men’s Workshop May 11 6-8pm CDT
Online only…& FREE!
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I don’t recall the exact year when the “Resist the BAIT, Avoid the Trap” concept was born, but I first presented it in 2008 or 2009 in Peoria. I thought it would become a regular presentation, but it hasn’t… so far.

A church here and there, a regional Man in the Mirror event in Chicago that led to a “Church in the Park” event (talking about pornography / sexual temptation in an open park with men, women, and kids of all ages – really, all ages – that was interesting, and I might have censored a few more parts.

Resist the BAIT is not about “3 Scriptures to remove all temptation,” nor is it an easy way out. It challenges men to think about areas of their lives intentionally, to think about what areas or times Satan might be more effective in tempting them to make bad decisions.

While pornography / sexual sin might be “Every Man’s Battle,” each man is unique.

When you go fishing, your bait or lure varies depending on what species you are fishing for, the body of water, and conditions. So too Satan will use different means to tempt me than for you.

A couple months ago I was talking with Rob Wilson, of Kingdom Life Peoria, and we decided to have a KLP workshop on May 11… and then the virus hit.

We spoke a couple times, and finally I said, “Let’s cancel for now, and we’ll reschedule for June when we should be back into normal life.”

Great idea, but God had others. That same afternoon I received emails about online porn usage up 40% during stay-at-home orders, where people are isolated, pressured, and stressed… along with a lot of extra time.

So within hours of saying ‘wait,” we were back on, with the workshop now online via Zoom, hosted by Kingdom Life Peoria.

There are limited seats available, and sadly, there is currently plenty of space, but they can fill up quickly.

Our prayer is that out of this nationwide, any men welcome event, we might get a few pastors or churches or ministries who already have some guys who are used to getting together with one another, so there already is relationships in place.

We’d love to see how this works where I can share the 100-120 minute presentation, and then let guys talk, and see what God can do there.

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