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Was 2014 the “year of the Christian movie? 

Click here (or the graph) to see why I hope not -

let’s build towards growth in 2015 and beyond!



The disciples came to him and asked,

“Why do you speak to the people in parables?”

- Matthew 13:10 (NIV)

Jesus was the master teacher, yet we never hear him asking followers to memorize or recite the principles he taught.  He realized that discipleship was not about lists, but about living – living together while seeking God with all one’s heart, mind, soul, and strength.

Many of Jesus’ most famous teachings were not presented as a list to remember, but in the context of a story.  Stories resonate not with the mind but in the heart.  In Jesus’ time there were no movies or tv, so he shared his stories with the spoken word – parables now recorded in every copy of the New Testament.

Stories have no less power today.  An evening of “entertainment” can convict in a moment or plant a seed that lies dormant until God is ready for it to sprout.   Not every seed will become the 4th seed that produces many times what was sown, but the more we sow, the more we are likely to plant the seed that might change the world!


Film has the potential to impact many lives, and – frankly – the quality of Christian films has increased greatly over the years.    As a growing number of Christians support films, the word will get out and more Christian filmmakers will want to see if their films will “Play in Peoria.”   If you would like to receive these, please  Sign up for Christian Movie Email Updates. and check the


If you, your church, or small group would like to take the next step – and have a more active role in bringing Christian films to town, consider becoming one of our Christian Movie Champions.   We are looking for 200-250 individuals or groups willing to purchase maybe 5-10 movie tickets IN ADVANCE.   If the film doesn’t come, you will never get charged, but enough people do so – the film plays here.

We are not asking for blind decisions – we will share the trailer and other information with you so you can decide is that is a film you are interested in.  If so, great.  If not, we understand.  That is why we want 200+ interested parties – if only half purchase 5 tickets for a given film we can get it.

Some one-night shows may only need 80 or 90 tickets.  Surely we can hit that regularly, right?  You can sign up at the same link as above, just check the “HOI Movie Champions” box.  Thanks!


DVD BLOWOUT: We don’t have enough events to maintain ongoing inventory, so the following DVD’s are now just $15.

This is a loss in some cases for us, but we want to focus on other efforts.

Courageous_1First come, first served.  The first 5 purchases will also receive a pre-viewed rental copy of Seven Days in Utopia from the Peoria Blockbuster closing.

Available films (Quantity Available)

Fireproof (3)
Seven Days in Utopia (2)
Facing the Giants (2)
The Grace Card (2)
Blind Side (1)
Christmas with a Capital C (1)

Just email and we’ll work out the payment / drop off / shipment (free local if schedule flexible, or $2 to mail).

We will continue to stock and sell the documentary “Somebody’s Daughter” at $20, which addresses pornography and is part of our ongoing ministry working with churches and men’s groups.


While we seek to keep this website updated, the quickest way to learn of area Christian movie news is to
sign up for our email lists or Like us on Facebook.



RMM-finaljpgWant to start seeing more Christian films in your community, county, or any other geographical region?  What we’re doing is simple, and you can start with whatever skills, budget, and technology you have.

Our prayer is for 500 “Regional Movie Ministries” across the United States by 2020.  That’s just 10 per state – do you have friends or family who complain about films bypassing them?  Challenge them to do something about it.

A good start – for less than the cost of an evening movie ticket – is our booklet that shares our story, and then some tips and tools to get going.

Order “Regional Movie Ministries: Kingdom Building through Networking, Faith, & Film”  (yes, I used the Oxford comma)

Learn more at the Regional Movie Ministry page.




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