are you in the fight?

I’m going to be just a little bit blunt.
All those studies/reports about the percentage of men that struggle with pornography.
95%… and 5% are lying. (ha ha ha)

I don’t think it’s funny, and I don’t believe any of those numbers.
Too low? No… too high! has the following definitions (among others):

to contend with an adversary or opposing force.
to contend resolutely with a task, problem, etc.

the process or an act or instance of struggling.
a war, fight, conflict or contest of any kind.

Are you struggling? Fighting? Resisting?
Many men quit the battle and gave in years ago.

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Posted by Covenant Eyes on Wednesday, August 21, 2019

For those ready to re-join the battle, or take steps to protect their own lives, marriage, and relationships, I recommend Covenant Eyes.

Full disclosure, we are an affiliate for Covenant Eyes, so if you join through our link Men of AIM receives a small payment and you get 30 days free. We only became an affiliate after several years of using it, and after trying other options for different lengths of time.

If you have any hesitation or concerns with this affiliate status, PLEASE join through this link instead – direct to Covenant Eyes and we don’t receive a dime.

A two-hour workshop looking at how we build our chains of addiction (with a focus on porn / sexual temptation), followed by a discussion of how Satan uses different kinds of BAIT for different men, just as we do when we fish for different species or conditions.

Your temptations are different than your friends, or brothers, sons, or Dad.

It’s not “Three Scriptures to Live a Perfectly Pure Life.” It’s about awareness and intentionality in how you live your life, and trusting your life with a friend.

Interested? Email me and we can discuss schedules.
In May 2020 we are testing out our first fully online (via Zoom) session, which we anticipate making available nationwide shortly afterward.

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