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The government-led shutdowns across our country have led many men to isolation, stress, and countless pressures including but not limited to financial concerns and relationships.

There are many solutions offered to them, and according to online statistics, many are turning to pornography.

This event was scheduled to be a live event in Peoria hosted by Kingdom Life Peoria, as it has been in the past.  When the shutdowns started, I pulled the plug and said let’s wait and see when we can do it like we always have….

for a couple hours.  In that time I heard more about the increased use of porn online, and with a couple messages received wrote Rob Wilson back and said, “Let’s do it on Zoom,” as he had proposed earlier in the day.

We’ll focus on struggles with porn, but honestly the steps and approaches we look at will apply to other addictions as well.

We’ll talk about how addictions often start out as manageable before they grow and take more and more of our lives, then transition to a time where we look at the BAIT Satan uses to tempt us, so we can be aware, and intentional about our responses.

Pornography and sexual temptation may be every man’s battle, but each man is different.  Your weak spots may be very different than the man sitting next to  you.

We are thankful for the many blessings of this ministry over the past 16 years as Men of AIM, and the nearly 10 years of our Christian Movie Efforts.  Would you be willing to partner with us in the next steps?

Gifts of any size are appreciated, and partners may be individuals, couples, but also small groups, businesses or churches (yes, movie theaters can be a mission field!)

Our “target range” is from $25 per quarter to $25 per month. Sure, large gifts are great but we never want to be supported to the detriment of your local church or other fantastic ministries.

THE CREW consists of ANY recurring gift of $5 /month or more (monthly, quarterly, semi-annual) and we’ll send you a “Christian Movie Central” T-shirt as our thanks.

As we head through 2020, there are 3 specific projects or opportunities we are praying over. Gifts may be earmarked for a particular topic, or we are focusing on:

  1. Virtual Assistant Team to manage the weekly Christian Movie Updates and set up / maintenance of new CMCs  (MOST CRITICAL BARRIER TO GROWTH is my time for mid week updates!)
  2. A $50 ad for each CMC city in 2020. We received a gift to cover $20 for 25 cities, so with the first $30 of local support we will launch the ad.  Most ads in 2020 have added well over 300 new likes/follows per page.
  3. Christian Movie Central Phone App: This serves two purposes. A new way to reach people not on Facebook without creating all new content, as well as providing a back up (along with the email list) means of communications should Facebook go away or restrict access through their algorithms.

We will be sharing these needs with the extended Christian Movie Central network, but as the Peoria area is home, we’d love to see a strong base of support start here.

Thank you!

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Men of AIM began its ministry through a monthly email of men’s events in the fall of 2003.  That newsletter continues today, but we’ve grown to include other training opportunities and workshops.Our goal is to see churches reach men, and to equip and encourage pastors and men’s leaders in their role.

Since 2010, we have also promoted Christian films – first in this area through the Heart of Illinois Christian Movie Central, and starting a few years ago through the planting of other Christian Movie Centrals.

There are currently 27 CMC’s across 15 states!

As a parachurch organization, we do not wish to ever replace or compete with the local church, but to see them become more effective and together have a huge impact on the Kingdom of God.

If your church or organizations would be interested in discussion further opportunities, please let us know.  We want to help you get the word out about your events for men (whether men only, couples, or father/child events) or relate to Christian movies.


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