Thank you for your interest in supporting Men of AIM.

The primary way we request you help us is by prayer and through actively supporting your own local church with your time, talents, and treasure.

Why the local church first? Because we’d love to see so many people supporting local churches that the churches might choose to support Men of AIM by seeing our efforts in men’s ministry and Christian movies as a mission field both in and outside the church!


 1.  Direct Financial Support – one time or recurring

Online gifts – special gifts or recurring monthly giving – can be made online through Ministry Alliance here.

Men of A.I.M. is an Illinois program of Ministry Alliance (Charlotte NC), and our ministry includes our national Movie Ministry, Christian Movie Central.

We can accept tax-deductible contributions of either direct financial donations or Gifts in Kind (material or service provided to the ministry).

Checks can be made out to “Men of A.I.M.”  and mailed to Men of AIM    PO Box 425    Rome  IL  61562

More information?  Email

2.  (Affiliate Link)

Searchie is a powerful app which takes your videos and ads subtitles and a full transcript – which is SEARCHABLE.  This means you can take  an hour long video, then search the transcript for a particular word / phrase or topic you’re looking for, and it will show you where it appears in the transcript PLUS allow you to click directly to where it shows up in the video.
No more clicking a few seconds earlier/later looking for a certain section of the video!  If you sign up through our Affiliate link, we’ll receive an affiliate payout from Searchie – and it doesn’t cost you a dime extra!

3. KROGER Community Rewards

Click the image above to link your Kroger Rewards card to Men of AIM (#xi570).
YOU still get your card savings, but Men of AIM receives a quarterly check
from the Kroger Community Rewards program!
((use xi570 instead of the 5 digit number))

4.  COVENANT EYES – Accountability Software (sign up)

No issue is draining effectiveness and spiritual growth like pornography and sexual sin.  No mere filter is going to fix the root cause – which is a heart issue, but it can make the temptation one step more difficult to feed.

Signing up with the link above gets you 30 days free to try it out, and a percentage of your fees supports Men of AIM.

If you think we offer this for the vast financial riches coming our way, please let us know and we’ll direct you to another ministry to join through, or send you the percentage back.  We signed up as an affiliate because we believe in what they provide and occasionally we can provide additional savings/offers.

5.  Pureflix Online Film Screening

We promote Chripureflixstian films at theaters and churches, but here’s a way you can support Christian films through a monthly membership for online movie screening in your home.

When you sign up for a monthly or annual subscription. Pureflix makes a donation to Men of AIM!


Online streaming (film by film), online purchases, or DVD purchases.  Christian Cinema has the options covered. If you’re not looking at streaming a lot of films (in which case we recommend Pureflix), Christian Cinema is the perfect choice fo those who might watch one this month, 2 the next, but don’t know a monthly fee makes sense.

Christian Cinema also reviews competitors so their prices should be competitive against other options.

No matter which method of delivery you choose, a percentage comes to benefit Men of AIM – if you use our link).

7.  Speaking –  Breakfasts, banquets, retreats (not just men!)

We can discuss topics, but among those readily available are the following:

A.  Forgotten Fruit of the Spirit: When Following Christ Doesn’t Feel Christian  (45-60 minutes, sermon or sermon series, or multi-session retreat)
Risk. Boldness. Greatness. Passion.  These and other traits, if of the flesh can destroy relationships, but born of the Holy Spirit, are key elements of a life fully alive – and one that leaves a legacy for the Kingdom!  Learn more about Paul’s list in Galatians, and learn to harvest more of what the Bible has to offer.

B.  Resist the BAIT, Avoid the Trap featuring Somebody’s Daughter
Many groups talk about escaping the trap of pornography or sexual addiction, but once the trap snaps shut, the damage is done.  This workshop combines testimony, the DVD Somebody’s Daughter from Music for the Soul, and a challenge for each person to consider the BAIT Satan uses in their lives to lead them off track.  It’s not a one-size fits all, because each man and woman is tempted differently.

C. Breaking the Chains of Pornography in Your Congregation
A great follow up or 2 part series with Resist the BAIT.  In A Christmas Carol, the ghost of Marley shares how the chains he bears in death he labored on in life – link by link, yard by yard. The chains of our lives are built the same way, decision by decision, and in time it’s not just our thoughts and actions, but the more difficult to remove chain of SHAME that Satan continually reminds us of.

D.  The REST of the Bible Story (Parenting, Bible Awareness)
Many people THINK they know Bible stories, but often they only know the children’s stories based on the Bible.  If our Bible stories never grow from the time we are learning to walk, is it any wonder we (or our kids) struggle to see how they can apply to our lives?

E.  Why Ministry to Men?  To Change the World!
Great for groups just getting started and looking to build support for a “men’s ministry.”  Learn about the importance of reaching men, and how it doesn’t mean neglecting other ministries, but in fact helping the others grow as well.

8.  Men of AIM Online Store

T-shirts, sweatshirts, mousepads, and more products to choose from.  A number of designs – mostly humorous for now to choose from.  Several are perfect for the dedicated meat-atarian or vegetarian with a sense of humor in your life.   Any proceeds (typically $3-5 per sale) will go directly to the ministry of Men of A.I.M.

The current biggest seller is our Bacon Weave products – especially the Bacon Weave Stadium Blanket.

Other Designs also available:

If you see other products on the cafepress website that you would like to see available with any of our designs just email me and we can get it set up.   By year end we hope to transfer these items to “” (reserved but not set up yet) and perhaps to have some in local business establishments.

9.  How about a “Bacon Explosion Workshop!”


We provide the meat and instructions, you provide a group of people who want to learn how to make Bacon Explosions.

Recommended for 3-5 people making 2 each (one we guide step by step, the second we support if you have questions), but also available for birthday parties or groups that just want to make one each.

Cost per participant:  $30 per bacon explosion plus suggested $25 donation to Men of AIM.