New Movie Networking

I’ve been to a lot of different conferences/conventions over the years. Promise Keepers, Man in the Mirror, NCMM, ISI.

Next month I make my first trip to the National Religious Broadcaster’s PROCLAIM conference. We’re in our 4th year of the Men of AIM Christian Movie Update on WBNH, and since December also been on WPEO.

The NRB has had a much greater presence of Christian films, and this year is no different. With the cancellation of the EQUIP conference in Peoria my schedule was opened up, so this year I’m giving it a shot.

Your prayers are appreciated as we seek to do the following:
1. Network with filmmakers and marketing teams to help films come to Peoria
2. Pre-screen some films to better promote them here locally
3. Network and encourage planting of additional Regional Movie Ministries (and/or obtain additional awareness and endorsements from within the industry)

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