You Are

About 3 years ago, I went to get ready in the morning and I saw a new addition to my bathroom mirror – a simple vinyl label stating “YOU ARE” with a note from my wife.

They have been on each our bathroom mirrors ever since, with a changing note from time to time depending on what we are going through.

Identity has always been a critical issue for every person, Christian or not. Are you allowing yourself to be defined by your job? Your income? Family or other social status?

This issue will soon hit the big screen as a core message of the Kendrick Brother’s sixth film, OVERCOMER.
(See where it is playing here)

Our family has been encouraged by these through the years, and now we’re making them available to our ministry partners.

Men of AIM is a men’s ministry primarily focused on the area around Peoria, Illinois, but our Christian Movie Central effort is nationwide – currently 27 cities in 15 states!

Make your online donation here, and we’ll follow up to ask what 3 colors you would like for any single donations $10 or more, or…

Support our efforts to plant additional Christian Movie Centrals by becoming a Ministry Partner.

Any level welcome, but our 3 core levels are:
$25 / quarter (roughly 28 cents / day)
$15 / month
$25 / month

We are praying for 100 new Ministry Partners this fall!

You may also directly email us at with your color request.

Payment may also be made by check mailed to:
Men of AIM PO Box 425 Rome IL 61562
(payable to Men of AIM or Christian Movie Central)

If you believe in our efforts to encourage men and churches to balance Action, Integrity, and Maturity, or the movement to plant and promote more Christian Movie Centrals to raise Awareness among those Interested in Christian films, please consider becoming a Ministry Partner.

Ministry Partnerships through recurring support allow us to budget future expenses, including but not limited to:
1. Virtual Assistant support for weekly Social Media, Website Development, and Research.
2. Administrative Support for setting up Christian Movie Centrals in new cities.
3. Promotional opportunities – online, radio, or billboard as well as printing expenses

The first two items are designed to take some of the ‘busy work’ off my plate, so I can free up time to reach out to additional cities rather than the more time-consuming aspects of ministry which others can be equipped to perform.

Below are the initial colors available. Please understand we are not a commercial venture, ordering millions of these from overseas, but we will make every effort to send in a reasonable time frame, and communicate in the event of delays.

Green Black
Yellow Light Blue
Purple Teal
Dark Blue Orange

Available Colors