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15 Nov 2014 by Rich, No Comments »

Years ago we were asked, “Why don’t you have DVD’s for sale?”  Now we know – we are not at enough events to sell enough to justify the inventory, even with a great relationship with Hoerr’s Berean Bookstore.

Thus, we are getting out of the movie market – just in time for Christmas!  Limited quantities, but you can get some shopping done AND help out Men of AIM by purchasing the following films, PLUS the first 8 orders will get a free pre-viewed rental copy of “Seven Days in Utopia.”

Courageous, Soul Surfer, Fireproof, Facing the Giants, The Grace Card, The Blind Side, Christmas with a Capital C.

On some of these $15 is a loss for us, but is still a WIN for you or your church’s film library!

Just email Rich@MenofAIM.org with your interest and we’ll work out the details like payment and shipping.   THANKS!


(for other Christmas gifts, especially for the bacon or meat lover on your list, check out www.cafepress.com/menofaim )

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