Saw it Friday, waste of time waste of money. Many, many posts all over the internet focusing on so many different problems with the film Scripturally, but – even if it was a completely original storyline with no tie back to Scripture (which I guess it almost is), it just wasn’t a very compelling story.

Biggest deception is to go back to the trailer, website, clips after seeing the whole films and seeing how there is intentionally no trace of the Rock People, or words like NOah’s “I am not alone” – was NOT talking about God, but the Rock People who got up and started fighting for him seconds later. That was the closest I came to walking out of the theater, and the only thing that kept me there was to see how much worse it might get.

Plus side – the film is so bad and so far off the mark I don’t imagine it having any major impact on anyone’s faith. In this sense something closer to the Truth with a few key differences may have been more damaging than this film.

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