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23 Jan

Promise Keepers return to Peoria

PK comes back to Peoria June 6-7. Registration is open but remaining details of the event are yet to come. [&hellip

11 Jan

2014 – Movies and far more

Several movies in the first half of 2014, and next month we head back to EQUIP Christian Workers Conference for [&hellip

16 Sep


In DC for the leadership meeting of National Coalition of Ministries to Men.  Looking forward to reconnecting with current friends, [&hellip

17 Dec

Regional Movie Ministries

Launching Facebook and Webpage for “Regional Movie Ministries” – excited about the progress on our ebook (coming in early 2013) [&hellip

3 Nov

Writers Conference #3

Basking in the “stuff to do” aftermath of my third writers conference.  At the first conference I met my agent, [&hellip

20 Jul

Put Your Helmet On!

We’re excited to have a date set for Brad Stine’s return to Peoria.  There are many good Christian comedians, but [&hellip

7 May

Good news

Heard from a pastor today that Men of AIM came up in a discussion with a group as a great [&hellip

11 Feb

Writing for the Soul Conference

At my first ever writers conference. Great first night, looking forward to a couple more full days. Meeting with agents [&hellip

19 Dec

Merry Christmas!

It’s been a great 2010 – looking forward to 2011!

14 Aug

What If…

Poster up at Willow Knolls.  Final Screening Tuesday… in theaters 8/27!

“Resist the BAIT” returns!

Men’s Workshop May 11 6-8pm CDTOnline only…& FREE!register here I don’t recall the exact year when the “Resist the BAIT, [&hellip