Men of A.I.M. Vision

Lives Transformed Through Action, Integrity, Maturity

Men of A.I.M. Mission

Serving the local church and disciplers with

  • Communication / Networking,
  • Training, and
  • Resources

in the Battle for Men’s Souls.

Men of A.I.M. Values:

  1. A Balanced (A.I.M.) life starts with the individual, centered on Integrity.
  2. Churches and ministries assist their men’s A.I.M. by providing balanced offerings, or through partnerships which fill their own gaps.
  3. Ministry to men is through individuals or small groups (often though not exclusively through the local church), not regional ministries like Men of A.I.M.  We will not seek to be the discipler, but a partner, encourager, and resource to those directly engaged in discipleship.
  4. Men of A.I.M. operates and promotes an “All-Inclusive” mindset, where Men’s Ministry consists of all ministry “to or through” men, beyond but not excluding those ideas traditionally thought of as men’s ministry.