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Welcome to the launch of

Regional Movie Ministries!

We look forward to our upcoming launch of our first book and ebook – “Regional Movie Ministries: Kingdom Building through Networking, Faith, and Film” – in August 2013, followed a few months later  (sooner?) by a printed booklet, which we hope will inspire and encourage groups or churches to launch an intentional movie ministry to build grassroots awareness ans support of Christian films.

Men of AIM is a regional men’s ministry serving churches, organizations, and men in a regional centered around Peoria, Illinois, but covering a territory roughly St Louis to Champaign to Chicago to Quad Cities.

Our movie efforts cover a similar region, but with more intention a smaller area of  perhaps Quad Cities to Springfield/Decatur to Champaign to Rockford.

As we discussed the new initiative to help others launch similar efforts, we decided we did not want to confuse our local supporters – those who support our movie ministries Christian films but want to focus on what is coming to this area.

Efforts to communicate and build networks of Regional Movie Minstries will take place at


We realize there is a significant difference between the person who wants to support a film (or films) as they come to their area, versus someone who feels the calling to lead or participate in the ministry of sharing that news.

We have direction on where we will be handling both the printing and the online efforts, so following a final round of editing (in process) and adding some information about and the need for advanced ticket sales it will be ready to go.

We hope to have funds to print a couple hundred sample copies to share with film directors, producers, and marketing groups in order to hopefully be part of their future marketing efforts.

(if you would like to donate towards this effort, please contact us – all donations are tax-deductible through “Men of AIM”)

Also in 2013 as a follow up to the booklet, we will be looking to expand our 60-second radio weekly radio program (currently airing on Moody primary affiliate 88.5FM WBNH, early shows archived here )  to help listeners better understand the Christian Movie industry as well as remain informed of various projects being worked on.  We appreciate the radio shows which review films, and we won’t be seeking to replace them, but ours is more focused on building an audience for Christian films, and doing so by providing information to help them get groups to the theaters by advance awareness of what is coming, and looking at the business side of the film industry and how it affects Christian films.

We will also discuss industry topics like why weekends are the most important time to make an impact at the box office, and how theater selection and numbers can make a big difference to a successful run.  We will not just be about theater runs, but also ministries such as Church movie nights and the importance of obtaining the proper licenses.

The adventure is just beginning, and only God knows the impact that our efforts, your efforts, and those of dedicated Christian writers, actors, directors, and producers (and yes, even and especially the grips and other roles that scroll up in the credits) will have on the Kingdom!


  1. Jeremy Freed says:


    I would like to know if your ministry helps people connect with filmmakers and other professionals in the industry.

    I am a voice actor who has played a radio reporter in “All that Remains” by Ian and Dominic Higgins, and I would love to connect with other Christian filmmakers and continue to use my talents for the Kingdom.

    Thank you,


  2. Rich says:

    Jeremy- unfortunately, no. Our ministry focuses on promoting of films after they have been made, and specifically to plant city or regional focused efforts. It’s a large industry with improved networking needed at all stages, but we focus on the the promotional side.

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