2019 Christian Films – Peoria

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2019 – Christian Movies – Peoria

2019 Full Theater Runs with Dates Announced

4/17       Breakthrough (NOW PLAYING)

8/23       Overcomer (Kendrick Brothers 6th film)


Full Theater Runs Anticipated – No Dates Announced, unsure of # of theaters

The Islands – have heard 3 dates, waiting for confirmation
The Reliant (new edit rated PG-13)


Limited Runs (Fathom Events)

4/29,30        KINGDOM MEN RISING (Tony Evans)  (confirmed)

5/7, 9           CHONDA PIERCE: UNASHAMED (confirmed)

6/17, 19         EMANUEL  



  • Chillicothe Christian Films – 3rd Mondays**Tentative Films below – subject to change**
    Doors open 6pm/film 6:30.  EXCEPT w/Guest = Doors open 5:30, Guest 6, film 6:30.

May 20        Beautifully Broken w/ Guests Randy & Darla Hartley
(American parents in film, Executive Producer)

June 17       Champion
July 15        King’s Faith
Aug 19         Indivisible w/ Guest
Sept 16       A Matter of Faith
Oct 21         Unplanned
Nov 18        Where Hope Grows


Theatrical Films – Hosted by Local Contacts/Groups through the director.

There is a minimum ticket threshold to host the shows below (typically 120-150) and we anticipate a ticket price of about $10 for the Peoria area.

We’d like to bring each of these to Peoria, but would like to know we have about half of the tickets assured before selecting a date.  If your church or organization would like to help, please let us know – email Rich@MenofAIM.org

PLAY THE FLUTE                Rich Christiano

THE PERFECT RACE          Dave Christiano (Coming in 2019)

(The Perfect Race has a featured extra, Kelly Laney (maiden name Bartram) who graduated from Dunlap High School.  She was also the lead in the feature film “Where is GOod.”  The Perfect Race is about a college track coach, and is the sequel to the high school cross country film, “Remember the Goal.”



1.  The Least of These  (Fathom Events & full run)
.  Feb. 18        WAR ROOM  (Chillicothe)
3. Feb 22       Run the Race
3. March 13   I Can Only Imagine (G&P Lutheran)
4. Mar. 18       Power of the AIR (Chillicothe)
5. March 20  Soul Surfer (G&P Lutheran)
6. March 27  Beautifully Broken (G&P Lutheran)
7.  3/14, 16, 19    The Moses Controversy (from Patterns of Evidence)
8. 4/9, 11, 13      NOAH – Sight & Sound Theaters
9.  April 10       Paul the Apostl
10.  Apr 15          Home Run
11.   4/14, 17         Ben Hur – 60th Anniversary
12.  4/18, 20        The Pilgrim’s Progress (FathomEvents.com)  
13.  3/29       Unplanned
14.  3/15       Faith Hope Love
15. 4/22     Bright Ones (from Bethel Music)
16.   4/25   The Chosen(with Dallas Jenkins)

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