This page has been a struggle, as there are so many fantastic books out there that to have “a page” listing them is an invitation to frustration and will be continually incomplete.

We will address this by beginning with just a list of books – you can contact us if you have specific questions or would like more information.

The books below are ones which we (well, mainly Rich to this point) have read at least once and are referred to often.   Do not take the exclusion of any book from this list to be a slight in any way.

In time we hope to have a number of these resources available for direct purchase by churches or individuals.

Ministry to Men / Discipleship

  • No Man Left Behind – Dr. Pat Morley, David Delk, Brett Clemmer
  • Pastoring Men – Morley
  • The Map – David Murrow
  • Why Men Hate Going to Church – David Murrow
  • The Man in the Mirror – Pat Morley

Addiction / Pornography

  • When Good Men are Tempted – Bill Perkins
  • Every Man’s Battle – Steven Arterburn & Fred Stoeker
  • Somebody’s Daughter¬† (cd or cd/dvd package) – Steve Siler

Men’s Christian Living

  • No More Christian Nice Guy – Paul Coughlin
  • Unleashing Courageous Faith – Paul Coughlin
  • Wild at Heart – John Eldridge
  • Samson & the Pirate Monks – Nate Larkin
  • Lessons from a 3rd Grade Dropout – Dr. Rick Rigsby
  • Starving Jesus – Craig Gross & JR Mahon
  • Vegetables of the Spirit: The Bible’s Forgotten Fruit – Rich Gerberding
    (OK, not quite yet, but it’s in the works – prayers appreciated! – Rich)


  • Love and Respect – Dr. Emerson Eggerichs
  • Married but Not Engaged – Paul Coughlin
  • The Marriage Prayer – Dr. Pat Morley, David Delk

Parenting / Intergenerational Ministry

  • No More Jellyfish, Chickens, or Wimps – Paul Coughlin
  • Men of Honor, Women of Virtue – Dr. Chuck Stecker