2019 Christian Films – Peoria

8 Dec 2018 by Rich, Comments Off on 2019 Christian Films – Peoria

2019 – Christian Movies – Peoria

So far maybe looking a bit less crowded than the last couple years, but that can change quickly!

Here are the films we are currently aware of, and we’ll try to update as the months go by.


2019 Full Theater Runs with Dates Announced
    (Regular Text Firm confidence in Peoria;
    Grey film are for awareness, but not currently planned in Peoria)

1/18       Canal St  (1/13 update )
          Does not appear
Peoria will have this film, at least opening weekend.
Depending on opening weekend, we will reach out to film team for expansion options.)

Want to help?  Visit  https://canalstreetmovie.com/demand/  to enter your information and zip code.

1/18       Unbridled  (opens 14 theaters – 1 in Chicago.  5 more on 2/1).

2/1         The Least of These  (confirmed – Grand Prairie 18 and Pekin Showplace)

2/22       Run the Race

3/15       Faith Hope Love – opening just 12 theaters (2 in Chicago). 
                Perhaps will expand to Peoria.

3/22       Unplanned

4/17       Breakthrough

8/23       Overcomer


Full Theater Runs Anticipated – No Dates Announced

The Islands
The Reliant
At least 3 others that I’ve heard of or seen, but not with enough details to be firm about a 2019 release. Will update as we learn more.


Limited Runs (Theaters)

1/31                 The Least of These  (Fathom Events)  (confirmed)
Yes, it opens the next night, but special panel discussion about the film 1 night early.

3/14, 16, 19   The Moses Controversy (from Patterns of Evidence)  (confirmed)

4/18, 20                The Pilgrim’s Progress (FathomEvents.com)   (confirmed)




Theatrical Films – Hosted by Local Contacts/Groups through the director.

There is a minimum ticket threshold to host the shows below (typically 120-150) and we anticipate a ticket price of about $10 for the Peoria area.

We’d like to bring each of these to Peoria, but would like to know we have about half of the tickets assured before selecting a date.  If your church or organization would like to help, please let us know – email Rich@MenofAIM.org

POWER OF THE AIR         Dave Christiano

PLAY THE FLUTE                Rich Christiano

THE PERFECT RACE          Dave Christiano (Coming April 2019)
(The Perfect Race has a featured extra, Kelly Laney (maiden name Bartram) who graduated from Dunlap High School.  She was also the lead in the feature film “Where is GOod.”  The Perfect Race is about a college track coach, and is the sequel to the high school cross country film, “Remember the Goal.”

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